About us

On an average Sunday you will find about 30-40 of us ready to welcome you.  We are ordinary people who struggle and make mistakes like everyone else.  We're here because God has forgiven us all thanks to Jesus.  We're eager to share his love with you because God's love can make a real difference in your life - just as it has in ours!

What We Believe

Leadership team

Paul Workentine

has served congregations from Michigan to Florida to Virginia as a pastor.  He also was a missionary in Thailand and taught lay leaders in the Caribbean (Antigua).  "Helping people - especially with God's love for them - is the best part of being a pastor."  


Dwight Luedtke

serves as council president.  "The best part of belonging at Our Savior is having a family of friends with whom I can share faith, hope and fellowship."

John Fields

serves on the council.  "The best part of being a Christian is knowing that Jesus has taken my place upon the cross and fulfilled everything that I could not possibly do myself, and has reserved a place for me in heaven."

John Cooper

serves on the council.

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