Grandpa's workshop

In a safe and caring environment, you child will experience the joy of making two treasure boxes - one for him/herself and one to give to a needy child at Botetourt Social Services.

Each child will be matched up with an individual "grandpa" and together they will make these two heirlooms.  Your child, under careful supervision, will get to use a hammer, screwdriver, and sanding block.  They'll watch drills, drill presses, and routers in action - keeping a safe distance with proper eye-wear. 

Treasure box 2.jpg

Give your child

  • the satisfaction of making something with his/her own hands

  • the experience of working with a caring "grandpa"

  • a treasure box they will treasure for years to come

  • the experience of unselfish giving for Christmas - making a box for a child in need

For more information, contact us at 354-2817 or

To register (deadline is Nov 28), click on this link.